Adapting a course for an organisation's own needs
An international NGO wanted to provide training for its senior managers and approached John to run the Financial Management for the Non-specialist course. After some discussion it became obvious that the managers needed training in their own organisation's financial systems and how to use its information. The course was run successfully with the organisation's materials being used as examples. One of their financial staff participated in the course and answered specific questions. Feedback was that the course was exactly what the managers required. 

More time available for a course
A major donor requested the Training of Financial Trainers course for its partners. This is offered as a 5-day course but the donor had funding for 10 days. A longer course was designed to include features to reinforce the learning and provide additional practice at presenting and facilitating in a participatory way. At the end, participants commented that they had not been bored for the whole of the 10 days!

Adapting the level
An umbrella group for NGOs wanted the Finance for Non-profit Organisations course. They wanted to run it for finance staff from national NGOs. As the course began, it quickly became apparent that the umbrella group had overstated the ability level of the participants, many of whom where in a junior position within their organisation. After discussion with the umbrella group and the participants, John changed the course using alternative material to fit the group's training needs. Final evaluations showed that the course was at the right level for participants and that they appreciated the facilitator's adaptability.