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Basic Accounting for Small Groups
Second Edition, with Exercises for Individual and Group Learning
John Cammack

Oxfam's step-by-step guide to basic accounting and financial management techniques updated edition. Each chapter contains training materials, which may be used either with groups or for individual self-instruction. The book is written in a clear and accessible style, aiming to build up expertise systematically through examples and case studies. The text is suitable for learners who have a lower level of English language skills: the activities and exercises use multiple-choice and group-discussion formats, avoiding the need for long written answers. Solutions are provided for all the activities.

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developmentbookshop.com (UK) £11.66 Renouf Publishing (Canada) C$28.00
lastfirst.net (Australia and Pacific) A$46.95 styluspub.com (USA) US$22.35 

146 pages, January 2003 ISBN 0-85598-473-2

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